May I introduce myself? This is Culcas. Like Zamio Culcas. Yes, this wonder plant which can pretty much withstand most stuff. If can even write this text! Oh well, its basically here to have something to be found with. It also helps me to see it to see how several designs of this site would look like. I’m still figuring out with this part, as you might guess. I hope it makes sense though! Of course the plan is to expand this blog into a rather artistic page, but for now, it seems not that easy. Actually writing could be really fun. Or videos, who knows? Maybe livestreams of me growing? We’ll see, stay tuned.

Culcas, what is a power plant?

Oh, thats easy. Any plant is a powerplant. Moreover Culcas tries to canalize ideas into a medium. There is nothing special about it. It’s not art or math, its not rocket science or football.  Many people do it also, they just make a fuss about it. Some even don’t recognize what powerful things they (can) do. To be honest, this is only written to impress Googles SEO. – It’s a dilemma, not much to explain but the things themselves but Google requires Culcas to do so. Whatever, powerplants can adapt to many conditions.

So now?

You obiously must have clicked this page for a purpose – nobody just types in cucas.com in its‘ Browser and wonders what comes out. Or do you?

If yes, than nice to meet you! Please give me a mail about this coincidence, I’d like to get to know you.

If you want to stick your roots into this sites ground, feel free to do so. Hopefully it can give you all the energy to blossom your creativity.
Else, just do whatever you are destined for.
Or don’t.
That’s perfectly allright.

I am a powerplant

– Culcas